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Developing a complete model of a representative Roman army on the march is more complicated than might be thought.   Delbrück, who wrote over 500 pages on the Roman army, has just a single sentence about the march.  He simply says that he does not know enough about how the army moved to speculate.  However there are some other sources that do speculate.  I have drawn from  several books and web sites:  Harry Pratt Judson, Caesar's Army; Peter Connolly, Greece and Rome at War; and John Peddie, The Roman War Machine;  J. G. Landels, Engineering in the Ancient World and several websites.  Information from these sources is summarized in a separate page called Supplemental Information 

Because of the number of illustrations the section on the march has been divided into several pages so that each will load a bit faster. The headings are:

March: Basics An outline of some of the basic factors that influence a depiction of the army marching, including roads, spacing of ranks and files, Roman transport systems and the makeup of the "typical" army. 

March: Components  Descriptions of the units and soldiers of the legion and auxiliaries attached to the legion.

March: Baggage  Details on the baggage train and the noncombatant units attached to the legion:  scribes, engineers, artillery, servants, food and supply baggage trains.

March: The Army  Additional units associated with the army as a whole:  the commanding general, the headquarters staff, the auxiliary cavalry, other special units and the baggage train associated with these units.

March: Order  The order of march: the arrangement of units in the column of march.

March: a Day's  The movement of the army from one camp to the next shown in 1/2 hour increments.

March: Attack   Analysis of the vulnerability of the marching column to surprise attack.

March: Supplemental   Citations from references and information about mules as pack animals, horse-drawn carts and ox-drawn wagons.


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March: Introduction
March: Basics
March: Components 
March: Baggage 
March: The Army 
March: Order 
March: a Day's 
March: Attack
March: Supplemental
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